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Are you searching for Beetle Pest Control in Mumbai?

You're at the right place. Let's have a look at what beetle infestation looks like, what damages they can cause, and how we can help you get rid of them.

Beetle Pest Control

What is a beetle?

A Beetle is a shiny, hard-shelled insect. It has pinchers or a biting mouth in front and has forewings that are like hard wing cases that protect the hind wings and abdomen.

Is your favorite wooden furniture being damaged by beetles?

Are they snacking on your food item, books binding, fabric, or furniture? 

IF yes, then it's a sign of a beetle infestation. Have you been fighting this battle against beetles and still can't attain victory?

It's probably time to call an exterminator for help.

Beetle Pest Control In Mumbai

How many species of Beetles are there?

Beetles are known to comprise some 350,000 described species.

Beetle Pest Control Near Me

How long do beetles live?

Some Beetles live only about 30 days while some of them take 2 - 3 years to fully develop themselves.

Best Beetle pest Control

What does a Beetle eat?

Beetles are such a large diverse group that has representatives that eat nearly every kind of food. Some are excellent hunters and predators.


Some are scavengers and a few are parasitic. Some of them eat plant parts, leaves, other small insects, woods, and some even feed on dung; 

Pest Control Service for Beetle

However, the diet of the larvae may differ from adult beetles. If you have an infestation they are feeding on your carpets, furniture, fruits, and your fabrics. Some bark beetles kill thousands of trees. Many stored foods are ruined including meat, dairy products, flour, cereals, stored grains, nuts, and fruits.

Do Beetles bite humans?

Yes, beetles do bite humans when they bite they release a chemical that can cause a blister on your skin. A bite from a  female beetle can be harmful and painful; the pain can last up to a day or two.

Best Beetle pest Control Service
What are the most common types of beetles seen in Indian households?

Some of the common known Beetles are red flour beetles, pumpkin beetles, African black beetle, and flea beetle and they are being said to be harmful to human products.

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Where do beetles hide once they get into your house?

IF beetles get into your homes you can usually find them in and around rugs, dues, clothing, leather, animal hides, cracks, cushions, kitchen, pantries, etc.

Beetle Pest Control Service
Are Beetles poisonous?

Many species including lady beetles and blister beetles can secrete poisonous substances. Some poisonous beetles can even kill animals or men.

Beetle Removal Service
IF your home or business is being infested by any of this kind, Contact us.

Our professional technicians will work with you to find the perfect plan to get rid of beetle infestation. We use safe pest control products which are harmless to your kids and pets.

Pest Control In Mumbai

We provide Beetle Pest Control In Mumbai. This includes the following Pest Control

  • Red Flour Beetle Control

  • Pumpkin Beetle Control

  • African black Beetle Control

  • Flea Beetle Control

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