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How to get rid of rats?


Are you tired of your electrical wires, your favorite clothes being chewed by rats?


They are not only causing damage to your property, they are the carriers of bacteria and dirt in your house, as well as fleas and mites that are harmful to your pets.


Searching for Best Pest Control Services for Rats in Mumbai? 

Rat Pest Control

First, let us know a little bit more about your pest. The damage and diseases they can cause. Where to spot the infestation.

Identification of Rats

  • A rat has a long tail and a pointed nose and it looks like a large mouse.

  • They have four legs, and a furry body, and are most commonly grey in color.

  • The length of the rats may differ from species to species.

  • Their tails are shorter, thicker, and hairless and have larger heads in comparison to mice.

  • They have two front incisors that continue to grow throughout their life

Rat Pest Control In Mumbai

Lifecycle of Rats

  • Rats are quick breeders.

  • Once they get shelter in your house they can multiply within weeks.

  • It takes only 5 weeks for baby rats to reach sexual maturity and they began to mate soon after this to produce their future generations for the rat life cycle.

  • Rats are capable of producing 7 to 14 offspring at a time.

Rat Pest Control Near Me
  • Their gestation period is very short.

  • A female rat can reproduce up to 5 times in a year. 

  • The life expectancy of wild rats is up to 2 to 3 years.

  • While pet rats can live up to 6 to 7 years in favorable conditions.

  • Baby rats look very similar to baby bunnies.

  • They are hairless, pink in colour, and look like a piece of red meat with tails and small eyes.

Diseases caused by rats

Rats are known to transmit about 36 diseases worldwide. Humans can catch these diseases by direct contact with rats, their urine, saliva, bites, or by consuming food contaminated by them.


Both wild, as well as pet rats, are known to transmit diseases. The diseases which they transmit to humans are:- hantavirus, salmonella, plague, rat-bite fever, etc.

Best Rat Pest Control

Rat treatment is only effective 98%
The chances of rat eradicating the place will be 75%
There will be instance when you will also see 23% of the rats dead, it could be also accidently , we need to consider that this can help us to stop spreading disease which can cause pelage viruses.

How to spot an infestation

Some of the most common signs of rat infection are as follows:

Pest Control Service for Rat

RAT DROPPINGS  rats are the filthiest pests, not only do they carry diseases but they also spread dirt everywhere in the house in the form of rat droppings or poop, these dropping are tend to be found at locations where they eat or where there are some sources of food or places where they nest.

Best Rat Pest Control Service

RAT NESTS  rats can make their nest literally anywhere and sometimes they don't even need nests if they found a good place to hide.


They can even make nests in trumps, wardrobes if they are not in daily use, wall cavities, behind huge appliances, on top shelves of cabinets where they cannot be spotted easily.

Pest Control Services

SCRATCHING NOISES  because their front incisors grow throughout their life rats keep on chewing things and scattering them with their teeth to avoid overgrown teeth.


You can hear scratching noises under your bed or from the kitchen at night times. Damage to human property caused by rats.

Rat Pest Control Service
  • In comparison to their sizes, rats can cause serious damage to your houses, apartments, offices, furniture, and structure leading to expensive repairs and hospital bills.

  • They cause property damage by their teeth, and jaws and can transmit diseases through their body fluids such as urine and saliva.

Rat Removal Service
  • The major damage caused by rats is due to their habits of nest building, they take whatever material they find suitable for their nest which includes clothes, papers, cardboard, wood, etc.

  • The second creepiest habit of rats is food damaging them.

  • Rats Chew electrical wires as well which can lead to short circuits

  • Our professionals are well trained in Mice control in Mumbai. 

  • Contact us for Rat Removal Service.

Best Pest Control Services for Rats

If you think you have a rat infection in your house then it is necessary to act quickly on this matter because of their quick breeding habit the infection will grow rapidly.


Killing a rat is not the solution, there are even more resentments in your house.  

Pest Control In Mumbai

For a hassle-free Rat removal service contact us and leave the rest to us. Our professional technicians will help you get rid of the infection without harming the pest.

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