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Spiders are arachnids, a category of arthropods that still consists of scorpions, mites, and ticks.


There are greater than 45,000 recognized species of spiders, observed in habitats everywhere in the world.


Spiders vary in length from the tiny Samoan moss spider, which is .011 inch long, to the massive Goliath birdeater, a tarantula with a leg span of just about afoot.

Spider Pest Control

What does a spider look like?

  • Spider length is less than 1 mm - one hundred eighty mm in length.

  • Their frame Constriction among the cephalothorax (the front element containing the head) and the abdomen.

  • Abdomen without segments and is round to cigar-shaped, a few have spines and nodules.

  • Most have 8 easy eyes and length is variable.

  • Two, 4 or six-eyed species exist, even as a few cave living spiders don't have any eyes at all.

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Lifecycle of a Spider

  • During their existence cycle, spiders pass from egg to spiderling to person. 

  • Person spiders lay their eggs.

  • The egg sack is a unique case wherein girl spiders lay their eggs.

  • There can be the handiest one egg or lots of eggs in that egg sac, relying on the form of a spider.

  • Egg sacs act like pressure fields.

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  • They shield a spider's eggs from animals and bugs that need to snack on them and do different harm. In degree two, the spiderlings hatch.

  • Then they dangle out withinside the egg sac till they end their first molt.

  • Spiders do not have a skeleton such as you do. Instead, they have an exoskeleton, a tough outer casing.

  • As the spiderlings develop, their exoskeletons, which do not develop in conjunction with them, sooner or later grow to be too small, the manner your footwear grows to be too small as you develop. 

  • So they've to molt or shed the exoskeleton.  

Underneath the vintage exoskeleton is a new, larger exoskeleton. At first, this new exoskeleton is soft. Eventually, it hardens, defensive the spiderling, which seems like a tiny model of a person spider. After the primary moult, the spiderlings depart the egg sac and huddle collectively for a brief time.  ​

There are approximately 40,000 varieties of spiders withinside the world, dwelling on each continent besides Antarctica. And they are now no longer newbies: fossilized spiders have been observed in Carboniferous rocks courting again 318 million years.  

Do Spiders bite?

Almost all spiders are poisonous. However, the fangs of maximum species are too brief or too fragile to penetrate human skin.

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Spider Habitats

Spider habitats vary from deserts to rainforests to backyards and the whole lot in among.


Some spiders glide ON the water, consisting of fishing spiders, those who stay UNDER the water, consisting of diving bell spiders, or even spiders that stay as parasites at the webs of different spiders.

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Some types of spiders construct a clever "trapdoor" to ambush prey, a few constructs shared webs to snare victims, and a few even maintain internet access to throw as internet over an unsuspecting fly!

 How to dispose of spiders?
  • Keep your property neat.  

  • Cutting down on the litter on your property will deliver spiders fewer locations to cover.

  • Keep your meals sealed so that you can now no longer appeal to different pests so that it will in flip appeal to spiders.

  • Keep your flooring swept clean, wipe down your surfaces, and vacuum regularly. 

  • You may even vacuum spiders, their webs, and egg sacs. 

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  • Remove plant life from the fringe of your residence. ​

  • Spiders love to cover in the shrubbery, beneath neath rocks, woodpiles, compost, etc. however while the climate receives cooler this is after they begin to circulate internal your property.

  • By putting off flowers from the aspect of your property, you're making it farther and greater tough for them to get internal.

Apply a Residual Pesticide
  • Spray corners or cracks of your property with an industrial pesticide containing a few shapes of pyrethroid.

  • Make positive you apprehend the restriction of residual insecticides.

  • These sprays handiest paintings if spiders drag themselves thru it after it's miles sprayed.

  • If a spider manages to keep away from the spray, the insecticide could have now no longer had an impact on it.

Pest Control Services
  • These are extremely elusive creatures to which professional help should be sought to deal with spider infestation.

  • It is advisable to bring in a pest control professional for spider control services.

  • Contact us for the best pest control for spiders in Mumbai

  • Eliminate spiders with our help, our professional technicians are well trained and use innovative pest control products and services for spider control.

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