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Are you searching for Centipede Treatment Pest Control In Mumbai? We are always ready for your help.

Centipede Pest Control

But First, what do Centipedes actually are?

  • Centipedes are elongated creatures and are also known as "hundred leggers ” because of their many pairs of legs. 

  • They are usually yellowish to dark brown in color and have an elongated flattened worm-like structure. 

  • They can have legs from anywhere between 15-and 100 or sometimes even more than that. 

  • They have a pair of long antennas covered with hair, small mouths, and a claw-like structure that contains venom glands.

  • It's difficult to spot them because of their hundreds of legs it runs faster than any other small insects.

How many species of Centipedes are there?

There are approximately 3000 species of them present in the world, one of which is the common house centipedes. They are greyish yellow in color followed by dark stripes.

Centipede Pest Control In Mumbai

Where are Centipedes mostly seen?

They are usually found near high moisture areas, That's why they are mostly seen during the rainy season. You'll find them under stones or places in your house where there is algae or fungi because they feed on fungi.

When they invade homes they are usually spotted in gardens, potted plants, bathrooms, and under the sink.

It is important to house centipedes' control.

Centipede Pest Control Near Me

Are Centipedes good at hunting?

Although centipedes have very poor eyesight so they track their prey through their smell. 


Centipedes are carnivorous and they attain most of their moisture through their prey  . House centipedes prey on flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and sometimes plants

Best Centipede Pest Control
Are Centipedes harmful?
  • All centipedes have poisonous jaws with which they inject venom into their prey.

  • A large centipede can inflict a very painful bite which is similar to a bee sting.

  • It is so painful that it can break human skin and can cause swelling. While biting it Pierce the skin of its prey. 

  • The affected area looks like two red marks on the skin which form a v shape due to the positioning of the forcible.

Pest Control Service for Centipede

These are said to be very dangerous as they feed on moisture that can get into your ear to feed on earwax.

Best Pest Control for Centipedes
  • You can use commercial pesticides as well but they have their own side effects if not used in an appropriate amount they can even damage your plant more than fungus gnats ever did.

  • For a hassle-free service, you can contact us for the best pest control for centipedes.

  • Our products are 100% herbal and are safe for your plants, pets, and kids as well.

  • We thoroughly inspect your plant and give you the best service possible with a pocket-friendly plan.

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