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How can I get rid of the cricket infestation?

Cricket Pest Control
  • You can reduce the possibility of cricket by reducing moisture in your house.

  • These pests are addicted to moisture they lay their eggs in a moist place open windows and doors at least once a day that sunlight can enter your house and it will help to reduce moisture, they also get attracted to lights try to switch off lights of your balcony and shut the windows at night so that they can't enter your house.

  • Vacuum your carpet's sofas to get rid of the larvae that will grow into adults.

  • But if the infestation is on a large scale and you have tried all the possible methods to get rid of them but nothing worked.

How do we deal with your pest?

Our technicians are trained to manage Black Field Cricket Control, Cricket Insect Control, House Cricket Pest Control, and similar Pests with Herbal Pest Control Products which are eco-friendly Understanding your Pest.

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How does House Cricket look like?

House Crickets are light brown in color and have three dark bands across their head. Their length is about 3/4 in inches and has large black legs to hop like a frog, antennas, and wings.


Nymphs don't have wings but once they grow into adults they can also fly.

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In which climate conditions do crickets thrive?

Crickets are usually most active during the summer seasons. They can live in temperatures as high as the 70s but when the temperature increases above 70 they start to die. Ever wonder why they make so much noise? 

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  • That chirping is made by male crickets which are known as matting calls and are usually heard during summer nights.

  • After mating a female cricket can give up to 100 eggs in a moist area.

  • Their life-cycle consists of three stages an egg; a nymph and adults under the right climatic conditions it will take only 14 days for a cricket egg to develop and then nymphs develop in adults in the next 12 weeks. 

  • Can you imagine how rapidly they can grow once they get into your house?

What does a house cricket eat?

Crickets feed on fabrics like wool, silk, cotton, and leather and are addicted to those fabrics which contain food stains or sweat on them; they also feed on plant fibers, pet food, fruits, and vegetables that are uncovered.

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How does cricket infestation affect you?

Although house crickets can bite in a very rare condition when they feel threatened for defense they bite a human although their mouthparts aren't designed to be able to break a human's skin.

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IF you have a cricket infestation in your house it will be very common for you to notice torn clothes, carpets, curtains, wallpapers, and wooden furniture. Crickets can be a cause of insomnia because of their chirping noise.

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