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We know you love your dog. And we also know you can do anything for your dog to free him from the discoms caused by ticks.

Relax all you have to do is sit back and relax pick up your phone and contact us we have your back.

Dog-tick Pest Control

Ticks are those nasty pests who are the reason behind your dog's unusual behavior like scratching himself, and unusual barking.

We provide you best dog tick removal service in Mumbai. Let us know a little bit more about these pests and ways to get rid of them.

How does a dog tick look like?

  • Ticks vary in sizes and shapes depending on their species, but mostly ticks are small my size.

  • They are black in color, small, flat, and have an oval-shaped body.

  • When they feed on blood they can expand as big as a size of a coffee bean.

  • They look like a wart on a  dog's fur, but when you have a close look you'll be able to see their eight legs.

Dog-tick Pest Control In Mumbai

How many species of ticks are there?

There are around 850 species of ticks all over the world.

Dog-tick Pest Control Near Me

Can Ticks make my dog sick?

  • Ticks are parasites that connect themselves to dogs, feed on blood, and transmit illnesses at once into the canine’s system.

  • Major tick-borne illnesses are transmitted to dogs.

  • Lyme sickness, which comes from the deer tick, can purpose stiffness, lameness, swollen joints, lack of appetite, fever, and fatigue.

Best Dog-tick Pest Control
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever comes from the American canine tick, the timer tick, and the lone super mega-celebrity tick.

  • Symptoms consist of fever, stiffness, neurological troubles, and pores and skin lesions. 

Where to find tick infections in pets? 

Ticks may be elaborate to discover in your dog, so right here are some locations you must test on your pet.

Pest Control Service for Dog-tick
  • Head and Ears Dogs are inquisitive creatures, gummy their heads into everything, so it’s now no longer abnormal for ticks to discover their manner onto the top and right into a dog’s ears. With such a lot of crevices and hiding locations, the ears make a super domestic for a hungry tick.

  • Tail Ticks like dark, wet areas, so the bottom of the tail makes a splendid domestic. Since maximum proprietors aren’t frequently checking the bottom of the canine’s tail, particularly close to the base, a tick can cross neglected for pretty a few times.

Do ticks bite humans?

Tick bites are frequently innocent and don’t purpose any symptoms.


However, ticks can purpose allergic reactions, and sure ticks can skip illnesses directly to people and pets after they chew.


These illnesses may be risky or maybe life-threatening while now no longer handled promptly. It's necessary to take a professional dog tick removal service at the right time.

Best Dog-tick Pest Control Service
How to get rid of tick infestation?
  • Some clean methods will help you cope with a tick infestation.

  • Apple cider vinegar.

  • Mix water and apple cider vinegar and, withinside the equal manner as the usage of chamomile, use a fabric soaked withinside the blend to moist your canine.

Pest Control Services
  • Don’t neglect to clean your pet’s bedding, towels, and blankets.

  • Always use the most temperature, to remove any tick larva which can also additionally remain.

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Contact us for a dog tick removal service in Mumbai or to get rid of dogs ticks. Our trained professionals will deal with your pet professionally without hurting them. Our products are 100% herbal which is safe for your kids & pets. We provide you best dog tick removal service with a customized plan specially made for your convenience at pocket-friendly prices.​

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