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Earwigs are non-social insects, there are no colonies, nests, kings, or queens found in them. There are around 1500 species of earwigs around the world.


Some of them are predators and feed on smaller insects. It's very common to spot dozens of earwigs under the vegetative cover as they prefer dark and damp places.


Earwigs are often known as skin wings.

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Earwigs Pest Control

How does an Earwig look like?

Earwigs are about an inch in size, and they exist in every continent of the world, they have a pair of fore ceps and pinchers however the pinchers are non-poisonous and do not spread any diseases.


Some of their species release an odour in defence. They use these pincers to capture their prey and in defence.

Earwigs Pest Control In Mumbai

Do Earwigs Fly?

Rather than flying earwigs prefer the moist, wet soil areas with an abundance of live or decaying vegetation as cover and food.


The wings of an earwig are not as efficient as a house fly's for example when they fly usually fly in short bursts. If there is an abundance of food and shelter, as well as available mates, there is little reason in flying for the earwig.

Earwigs Pest Control Near Me

Lifecycle of Earwigs

  • Just like other insects earwigs also go through three life stages egg, nymph, and adults.

  • Earwigs struggle in colder environments, which is why you will find earwigs in warmer climates.

  • Like most insects, earwigs go through the stages of metamorphosis, their bodies will develop throughout their life to acquire their fully-functional physical features. 

Best Earwigs Pest Control
  • Their mating season typically occurs in the fall and early winter months.

  • The female earwig carries around their eggs until they find an adequate location to lay them in what is called a cell.

  • Earwigs experience 4 to 6 moltings before they reach the maturity of adulthood. 

  • Once they experience their last stage of growth they will be fully grown and sexually active adult earwigs.

Where can I spot earwig infestation?

Seeing one or two earwigs is not a sign of an infestation. Usually, they enter our homes when there is an abundance of food and a safe, moist, and damp place to take shelter.


If you’re sightseeing a large number of earwigs outside, it is most likely because you have a healthy population of garden pests, decaying plants, and trees, or an insect surplus garden.

Pest Control Service for Earwigs

These three food sources can attract earwigs into your garden. If your trees and plants are dying, having a large number of earwigs can be a sign that they are dying from the inside out. Often gardeners think that earwigs are eating through the wood of their trees and causing them to die.

How to get rid of earwigs?

If you’re trying to get rid of an earwig infestation, make sure to get rid of moisture and cluttered areas that would provide a home for the earwigs.


If you have a large number of potted plants in your house,  you can unpot the plants and remove the earwigs and the eggs from the roots.

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Try to use diatomaceous earth, it's a type of sedimentary rock that when crumbled, can prevent earwigs from climbing onto your plants and eating them.


Sprinkle it all around your plants for the best possible outcome. Or the easiest way to get rid of the infestation is to call us we will help you get rid of earwigs infestation with our 100% herbal products that are safe for your kids and pets.


We provide a customized plan for earwigs pest control and other pests as well at pocket-friendly prices.

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