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How do I get rid of firebrats?


If you have an active firebrat infection in your home and you are searching for Firebrat Control In Mumbai, Read this blog to know more about your pest and how to get rid of it.

Firebrat Pest Control
  • Firebrats, as their name suggests, prefer hot, dark, moist areas where there is an abundance of starchy food or moulds.

  • Although these are considered a nuisance pest, they feed on fabric fibre, plant fibres, books, glue, wallpapers, fungi including cereals, flour, and sugar, though their diets are high in protein once they find a good source of it they stick to that place.

  • These are fast-moving insects that hide during the day and usually come out during the night in search of food.

  • They are ugly, creepy, and unpleasant however they are harmless to humans.

How does a firebrat look like?

  • Firebrats are dull grey in color and are about 1 and a half-inch long.

  • They have a long appendage extended from their last segment.

  • Firebrats don't have wings.

  • They are covered with overlapping scales at both the ends of their body and three hair-like long structures.

  • They have six legs.

Firebrat Pest Control In Mumbai

Why do I have a firebrats infection?

The presence of firebrats does not indicate that your home is dirty or unclean. They may have entered your house because they have found a good source of food. Like other creatures, they also look for food, shelter, and a safe place to breed.

Firebrat Pest Control Near Me
  • If you have an old house, with leakings or plumbings and is in a warm and humid area then your house is heaven for them because of the environment.

  • They are attracted to ovens, bathtubs, ac unit fans, and under the sinks.

Lifecycle of Firebrats

Female firebrats can lay up to 200 eggs. These eggs hatch in 14 days. In a colder environment, the eggs can remain dormant for up to 6 months and can hatch as soon as the temperature increases. Newly hatched lymph are plump, white, and have no scales on them.


Firebrats' lifespan is about 2 years. In the colder environment, it takes a firebrat about 300 days to develop in an adult, and in high temperatures, it will take only 40 days for a firebrat to develop in an adult.

our professionals are well experts in firebrats control.

Best Firebrat Pest Control

Male firebrats have an interesting fact, they attract the female firebrats formatting with the help of matting dance which includes antenna contact, this male drops a sperm capsule for the female to pickup.

Do firebrats bite humans?

They are ugly, creepy, and unpleasant however they are harmless to humans. These pests don't bite humans or do not spread any diseases.


But they can damage your property at a minor level because they feed on household materials and books. They are known to damage books and other important documents.

Pest Control Service for Firebrat
How to get rid of firebrats?
  • Household diet, fungi, and other dirt is the major food source of firebrats so make sure to vacuum corners and hidden places as well.

  • They rely on moisture to keep your laundry room, basements, and other places, so routine cleaning will help provide effective control.

  • Clear the clutter of old newspapers and magazines. Keep food items covered and keep food items in containers.

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  • Another method is that there are lots of pesticides available on the market to kill these pests.

  • And the most effective and easier way to get rid of them is to contact us for firebrats control service leave this headache on us.

Our professional technicians use 100% herbal products to deal with these pests. The products are pet friendly and safe for your kids, we provide you with a customized plan and effective measures that will stop these pest from future infestations.

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