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If you are a plant parent and concerned about fungus gnats damaging your plants then contact us for fungus gnats pest control in Mumbai. Both the larval and adult gnats are a big problem for your houseplants and a flying nuisance pest.

Fungus Gnats Pest Control

How does a Fungus gnat look like?

  • Fungus gnat is a common pest mostly found in humid areas, which damages indoor plants.

  • An adult gnat is greyish black in color, has a mosquito-like appearance is 1/8th in length, and has a single pair of clear wings.

  • They are not pro fliers and emerge from potted plants. Their larvae usually are 1/4 inch long.

  • They have an elongated transparent body and black shiny head they feed on root hairs of plants, fungi, and other organic material.

  • Our professionals are well trained in controlling fungus gnats indoors.

Fungus Gnats Pest Control In Mumbai

Life-cycle of Fungus gnats

  • Fungus gnats have a very short lifespan. 

  • Adult gnats live only for one week and have the capacity to lay around 300 eggs in rich, damp, moist soil.

  • Just like other insects they also possess 4 life cycle progresses that consist of egg-larvae-pupae-adult.

  • Potted plants can hold their multiple generations at once.

Fungus Gnats Pest Control Near Me
  • It takes only 4 -6 days for the larvae to emerge and begin to feed on plant roots during their two-week period.

  • It takes the pupae around 3-5 days before young adults leave the soil and start a new generation.

  • The entire life cycle of fungus gnat from egg to adult stage can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks because of their productivity, short gestation period, and quick breeding habit.

Signs of Fungus gnats infestation

  • Symptoms of fungus gnats infestation can be wilting, yellowing, poor growth, and foliage loss in plants.

  • Primarily infesting potted plants, fungus gnats cause the most damage during the early growth of plant development.

  • They continuously breed in greenhouses where warm temperatures are maintained.

Best Fungus Gnats Pest Control
  • To confirm the infection one can use potato wedges to be pressed into the soil to check for the presence of fungus gnat larvae.

  • If the larva is present in the soil, they can be seen feeding on the potato.

  • Leave the potato in the soil for about 5-6 days.

Are fungus gnats harmful?

You must be thinking that adult gnats are the real culprits but the truth is larvae are most damaging to seedlings, cuttings, and young plants.


Adult gnats do not damage the plants or bite anybody; their presence is considered a nuisance but larvae are considered a threat to house plants; they damage the roots of plants which affects the growth of the plant. 


But fungus gnats neither bite nor spread any diseases they do not harm humans. It is important to gnat control for plants.

Pest Control Service for Fungus Gnats
How can I stop Fungus gnats infection?

Inspect all the new plants which you've recently bought. You might be unaware that the infection was already going on in that plant, inspect the old plant as well.


Fungus gnats are attracted to yellow colors and use yellow sticky traps which can stop adult gnats from laying eggs.

Best Fungus Gnats Pest Control Service
  • You can use commercial pesticides as well but they have their own side effects if not used in an appropriate amount they can even damage your plant more than fungus gnats ever did.

  • For a hustle-free service, you can contact us for fungus gnats pest control.

  • Our products are 100% herbal and are safe for your plants, pets, and kids as well.

  • We thoroughly inspect your plant and give you the best service possible with a pocket-friendly plan.

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