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After Service Care

  • Discard any consumables left outside like food and drugs If you accidentally left any food or drug outdoors, throw them in the scrap that is not gonna be entirely healthy for you.

  • There should be no need to incontinently sweep and mop the area. In numerous cases, it may wipe off any treated baseboards, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Stay until the recommended time before you head back to your demesne as the gas released from the fungicide can last longer

  • In the days following the treatment, you'll probably continue to find dead pests every now and also with dwindling frequence. Be sure to check problem spots regularly and keep them clean.

  • All chemicals used for pest control are toxic to some degree. still, they aren't murderous to humans, at least not grounded on the volume used during pest control treatment. still, if you're sensitive to or have disinclinations about smothers and chemicals

  • Keep checking for pests around your demesne and clean your house regularly to avoid pest infection.

  • Have a word with your exterminator - after your pest control service is done you should have a word with your exterminator, have a deep discussion, listen to his advice and implement them. Ask him how many more services will it take to get rid of the infestation permanently.


Contact us for Pest Control Services in Mumbai. We use products that make them safe for your kids and pets.

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