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Is Pest Control Harmful to your House Plants?

Do you know Pesticides are harmful to plants, not pest control !!

I know I know sounds confusing. I'm here to explain you.

The products which are used during pest control are harmful if they are sprayed directly on the plants, not the process. If you opt for a Pest Control Service in your house.

We recommend you keep your plants out of reach of the chemicals. When we reach your doorstep, the first thing we make sure of is to apply safety barriers on your antique and precious things so that they don't get damaged.

If you hear someone offering chemical-free pest control services which do not Damage your furniture or plants, mark my words he's fooling you. The word pest control itself means the use of pesticides to kill pests and of course pesticides are Made of chemicals.

If handled with all the precautions then No! Pesticides won't harm your house plants.

Before starting the service either we cover your houseplant with plastic wraps so they don't get in direct contact with chemicals.

If you have large indoor plants we advise you to keep them out of your house till the service is done. And for plant pests, we use very mild products which only destroy the pest and not the plant.

One thing you should always keep in mind if you have a flowering plant it's always better to keep them out of the reach of chemicals because in any way if it absorbs the chemical the fruits or vegetables can be very poisonous once it grows.

CONTACT US for Pest Control Service in Mumbai. We use 100% herbal products which makes them safe for your kids and pets. And are mild in nature which doesn't harm your houseplants as well.

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