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Lately, you’ve noticed signs of possible pest damage around your home. Indeed worse, you’ve started to see odd, argentine insects crawling around at night.


The bad news is that you presumably have a silverfish infestation.


The good news is that you don’t have to live with it ever.

Silverfish Pest Control

How does a silverfish look like?

  • Silverfish are pearl argentine and candescent, giving them a gray appearance.

  • They're slender insects, whose bodies taper from their rounded head to their pointed tummy.

  • As you can see in Figure 1 of the silverfish filmland, their bodies nearly act as a segmented, gray carrot.

  • At the tail end of their tummy, silverfish have three tail-suchlike accessories that act as their two frontal antennae.

Silverfish Pest Control In Mumbai
  • These five accessories are each about as long as the silverfish's soft, wingless body.

  • These insects generally grow between one-half and three- diggings of an inch in length, with their youthful appearance identical to the grown-ups, only lower (about one-quarter inch).

Lifecycle of Silverfish

While silverfish don't reproduce through direct fertilization of the eggs, they do perform a love-making dance. The insects touch their antennae together.


The woman flees. The joker and womanish reunite. They stand side by side while the manly vibrates his tail. Males also deposit small packets of sperm into the womanish.​

Silverfish Pest Control Near Me

How many species of silverfish are there?

 There are roughly 120 species of gray fish present around the world.

What do silverfish eat?

They eat food accouterments that are high in protein, sugar, and bounce similar to paper, the cement on wallpaper and bound books, cereals, and dried flesh.


They also damage some natural and synthetic filaments and may leave unheroic stains, especially on linen.

Best Silverfish Pest Control
Do silverfish bite humans?

They tend to hide their presence from humans, which means any damage they've caused could go unnoticed as well. While they don’t suck, silverfish are a creepy nuisance that can be destructive to your things.

Pest Control Service for Silverfish
Habits & Habitat of Silverfish
  • Silverfish can lay eggs at any time during the time.

  • The eggs take 19-43 days to door.

  • The life cycle from egg to grown-up is about three to four months.

  • Silverfish are nightly, but they're also active in dark areas throughout the structures they inhabit.

  • They can be a problem time round.

  • You may see silverfish trapped in cesspools and bathtubs because they enter seeking humidity and are unfit to climb a slick perpendicular face to escape.

Best Silverfish Pest Control Service
  • It may attack fabric if there are leftover food patches ( revealed cokes and other stiff carbohydrates) or areas of soiled substances ( sweat).

  • They won't eat the fabric for substances like clothes moths but will damage the fiber trying to get to the substances on the fabric.

  • Egg Stage Immature Stage Adult StageFig. 1-Different life stages of Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) Silverfish Detection and Signs of Infestation Silverfish molt throughout their lives.

  • Chancing their cast skin is a good index that silverfish are present.

  • Chancing small irregular-shaped holes in fabrics is a common sign of silverfish.

  • Irregular-shaped holes in wallpaper are another index because they like to eat the cement.

  • It may leave an unheroic stain on the fabric.

  • Firebrats will feed considerably on rayon, whereas silverfish generally damage it only slightly.

  • Outdoors, it may be planted in nests.

  • These nests can belong to other insects, catcalls, and mammals.

  • They also live under tree dinghy and mulch.

  • They're occasionally planted in wood shingles or sidings on houses.

  • Outside, silverfish are planted just about anywhere that's dark and sticky.​

How to get rid of infestation?

There are numerous poisons on the market to kill silver fishes but choosing the right product is tricky. Contact us for hassle-free Silverfish Pest control services.


Our team is well trained to deal with nuisance pests invading your houses. We use 100% herbal products that are safe for your pets and kids.​

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