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You will usually spot stink bugs during the colder months. They invade your Houses in search of a warm place.


These pests are considered an odoriferous nuisance around the home.


Like other insects such as ants and termites, they also built their nests in structures.

Stink bugs Pest Control

Can cause serious property damage.  This blog has everything you need to know about sting bugs and if you are searching pest control services for stink bugs in Mumbai you are at the right place. 


How does a stink bugs look like?

Stink bugs Pest Control In Mumbai
  • Stink bugs are brownish in color very similar to the colors of a tree trunk.

  • They are about 3/4th inches long and their wings are neatly folded close to their body you'll not notice their wings until they are functioning as you see a stink bug fly.

  • In actuality, they are reddish black color but when each time they molt they grow a little larger than before.

Are Stink bugs a threat to human life?

Homeowners are considered about stink bugs that their bites must be venomous but the good news is stink bugs do not bite or sting.


But the body fluids that stink bugs secret when they feel threatened are harmful to humans and can cause serious allergies and irritation to human skin and eyes.

Stink bugs Pest Control Near Me

 And the odor which comes out of this fluid when a stink bug is threatened or is crushed can cause nausea, vomiting, mouth irritation, and upset stomach.

What is the cause of odor in stink bugs?

If you think stink bug stinks all the time no it's not like that they only stink when they feel threatened or when somebody squished them.


The pungent odor they release is part of their defense against predators.

Best Stink bugs Pest Control

The stinking chemical comes from a gland in their abdomen and some stink bug species can spray the chemical up to several inches which can cause serious allergies to the skin which came in contact with that chemical.

What do stink bugs eat?

A few species of stink bugs are plant feeders.


The first spring generation feed on weed and grass and the residential ones feed on apples, berries, pepper, beans, etc.


While some other species are predators of other insects like caterpillars, beetles, etc.

Pest Control Service for Stink bugs
Signs of Stink bugs Infestation

Following are a few signs of stink bug infestation.

  • Sightseeing of actual stink bug 

  • Experiencing Pungent smell

  • Damaged house plants

  • Sightseeing dead stink bugs

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How to get rid of stink bugs?

Seal of the Entry Points 

The initial step is the best step to stop stink bug infestation. If you'll seal their entries they wouldn't be able to invade your home. Pay close attention to areas that have cracks or gaps and seal them with good quality silicon latex.

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Turn off the lights 

These bugs get attracted to warmth and lights. As we all know lights provide warmth to them. At night, turn off the porch lights and your gallery lights and shut down the windows so they don't get attracted to the indoor lights. 

Stink bugs Pest Control Service


You can contact us for pest control services for stink bug infestation. We save your time and money by providing you a hustle free services.


Our professional technicians are helpful throughout the services they educate you about the problem and guide you to save your homes from further infestation. 

Pest Control In Mumbai

We provide you with a customized plan at pocket-friendly prices. And the best part of our services is we use 100% herbal products which are safe for your pets and kids.

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