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How Does a Termite look like?

Termites are similar in size to ants, they have a pair of wings, a wide waist, and straight antennas, termites range in size from 1/4th to 3/8 inch long.


Some termites are translucent and some are grey and brown in color.

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Lifecycle of a Termite

  • Termites colonies have 3 castes, the reproductives, the soldiers, and the workers.

  • Each caste has its individual tasks to perform.

  • Even the nymph participate in social life and have their specific tasks to fulfill.

  • The life expectancy for each caste is Different.

  • The life expectancy of workers and soldiers is 12 to 14 months, while reproductive females or queens can live up to 25 years.

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  • The queen termite can lay up to several 100 to 1000s eggs every day.

  • It takes the eggs an entire month to hatch into larvae. 

  • Reproductive termites fly out from their colonies and mate with swarming winged males.

  • The female then finds  out a suitable environment,  sheds her wings, breed, and starts a brand new colony

Habits & Habitats of Termites

You'll find termites near dark, damp areas where they are not exposed to air.


They survive on a source of moisture. In temperate regions, they are spotted in dead logs, soil,  dead tree stumps, and dry wood structures where they have established their nests deep in the soil.


They have the ability to spread more than 100 feet in every direction from the epicenter.​

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What damages do termites cause?

Within a short period of time termites can multiply to what's considered an infestation.


Every year termites are responsible for millions of loss of property, and important documents, they primarily feed on food, but can also damage swimming pool filters, liners, books, clothes, and walls.

Termite removal service is necessary for termite prevention.

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Can Termites bite humans?

There are no such cases of termites biting humans. And if they are they are 1 in 100s.


If a termite bites a human the bite usually looks like a red swollen bump which goes off mostly after 12 hours but in some cases due to allergy you may have to consult a doctor.

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What attracts termites?

Moisture and termites are like opposite poles of magnet moisture that attract termites the most and wood furniture, sculpture or use of food in the foundation of a house is also an invitation for termites.


Additionally, the geographic location of a house if it's a tropical region those houses are most likely to get infested.

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How to get rid of termites?

There are thousands of DIY methods to get rid of termites but they work best at the initial stage of infestation.


If the termite has drugged deep inside your wood or walls those methods will not work for them.


It is advised to contact Termite Removal Service Provider.

Pest Control Services

CONTACT US  for termite removal. we produce you a hassle-free service. Our professional technicians will provide you with a customized plan at pocket-friendly prices. And the best part of our service is our products are 100% herbal which makes them safe for your kids and pets.

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