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  • At the time of pest control any responsible person who can guide or domestic for instruct, at the time of loading unloading, is needed there for observation.

  • It is requested to stand at a distance of 6 feet at the time of pest control, please keep kids and pets away at the time of pest control, even if these Chemicals are eco friendly & pet friendly .

  • Tenchesion are not allowed to touch any expencive goods ,Vagetables Fruits TV computer laptop, mobile phone or any glass objects .

*If found kindly report in case of any theaft.

( Company will only except any theft only under the CCTV surveillance )

  • Pest Control is done only in a situation when customer is facing any infestation like bed bug or termite

Bedbug - There will be stain of medicine on mattress furniture which may go after some time as medicine takes time to evaporate.

Termite - Any termite infestation may damage big losses of wood bedding curtains walls wood stationery, saftey locker document, computer laptops , it is recomentded to go throw regual checkup as infestated  may have damaged many things unknown in the pramise.

  • Pest Control can not be only done at the place where is infestation is seen, as the insect fly and may also bite people around before and after if this is not done thoroughly .

  • Company does not take responsibility of any loss in this process of protecting damage goods at the time of pest control, in this process customer needs to dispose infested goods .

  • Any damage before after at the time of pest control is not the technicians responsibility, customers have to take care by there own to remove of any expensive goods as we do not provide labour facility to load & unload shifting goods in the premise, we will always give a helping hand if customers are unable in any situtaion .

  • Customer is responsible after work is done to make only through Net Banking , UPI or in Cash .

  • It is requested to be kind to the technician as they go throw hardship reaching the customers on time, we request you to have a friendly nature at the time of pest control ( Complains & Feedback are always welcome, we appreciate your guesture )

  • Customer are requested to register for Commercial Insurance &  Residential insurance with insurance company at the time of purchase  it is designed to protect businesses & living , It covers the business against the loss arising out of damage to the property or injury to the employees .

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