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Wasps often don't interact with people, but if they are provoked, they can sting.


Their stings can be painful to all and threatening to those with allergies.


If you’ve got a wasp infestation, this blog is everything you need to know about these pesky insects, this blog includes how to get rid of wasps naturally.

Wasps Pest Control

How do wasps look like?

Wasps are often mistaken for bees and but they typically have longer more slender bodies in comparison to bees. 


Wasps commonly feed on insects such as flies, caterpillars, and spiders, as well as nectar.


They have six legs, two wings, two antennae on their head, an exoskeleton, and their body is divided into three main parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen.

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Lifecycle of Wasps

Just like any other insect wasps also go through 4 different metamorphosis life stages which include egg, larvae, pupa to a fully grown wasp in the cell of the nest.


The queen wasp builds a few cells and lays her eggs inside, which she rears to be her first worker wasps and other reproductive wasps.

Wasps Pest Control Near Me

Do wasps sting humans?

Unlike a bee, a  female wasp can sting repeatedly, because her stinger has small barbs that do not embed into the skin.


A  wasp’s stinger is located at the very tip of her lower body and doubles as a reproductive organ through which she lays her eggs. Whereas male wasps cannot sting.

Best Wasps Pest Control
Signs of Wasps Infestation

If nowadays you are noticing a large number of wasps flying around your home or yard, you likely have an active wasp infestation somewhere on your property.


To find a wasp nest, you first need to observe a wasp from afar to see which direction it flies.

Pest Control Service for Wasps

You can also leave out some food items  (such as pet food or any food crumbles ) to spot the wasps before following them cautiously back to their nesting place.

If you notice wasps inside your home, then have an eye on them to see where they are entering and exiting your home and where their nest may be located.


Check all your unsealed vents, torn screens, and cracks around windows and door frames for signs that wasps may be ingesting into your home.

How to get rid of wasps infestation?

Dealing with wasps is more difficult than you think. They are aggressive creatures and can harm you.


We advise you to contact a Wasps Pest Control Service Provider.


You can contact us for Wasps Pest Control Services in Mumbai to get rid of Wasps Infestation.

Best Wasps Pest Control Service

Our technicians with all safety equipment will clear out the infestation for you. Regarding your needs, we provide a customized plan which is budget-friendly and safe for your kids and pets as well.

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